UK Comics Laureate

Hannah Berry, award-winning author and creator of the critically-acclaimed graphic novels Adamtine and Livestock, is the current UK Comics Laureate 2019 - 2021, picking up the baton from Charlie Adlard.

Hannah Berry - the UK's Comics Laureate 2019-2021

Charlie Adlard - the UK's Comics Laureate 2017–2019

The Comics Laureate is an ambassadorial and educational role for the comic genre and aims to raise awareness of the impact comics can have in terms of increasing literacy and creativity.

The Comics Laureate appointment is made biennially to a distinguished comics creator, writer or artist in recognition of their outstanding achievement in the genre.Working closely with the Lakes International Comics Art Festival, the Comics Laureate champions the role of comics in improving literacy through a programme of educational visits, workshop events, guest appearances and conferences. A key focus will be working to increase the acceptance of comics as a creative art form in schools, libraries and throughout the education system.

• For information on the Comics Laureate’s upcoming appearances please contact Carole Tait

UK's Comics Laureate 2019 - 2021: Hannah Berry

Hannah Berry was announced as the new Comics Laureate 2019-2021 at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, in Kendal, on 13th October 2018. 

Hannah is an award-winning author and creator of the critically-acclaimed graphic novels Adamtine and Livestock. Her first graphic novel Britten & Brülightly, begun while studying illustration at the University of Brighton, was published by Jonathan Cape in 2008. It has subsequently been published in the USA, Italy, Holland, France and Serbia, with the French edition chosen for the official selection of the 2010 Angoulême International Comics Festival. Further credits include work for New Statesman and a monthly cartoon strip for Prospect magazine.

"Comics are the perfect gateway drug to literacy - warm and inviting yet often surprising and challenging: the artful union of universal pictorial language and the written word. I gained my love of language as a child through reading comics, and I look forward to inviting new audiences to discover comics for themselves.”

- Hannah Berry, UK Comics Laureate 2019-2021

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PAST COMICS LAUREATE: Charlie Adlard (2017 – 2019)

Charlie Adlard is the artist behind the highly successful The Walking Dead comic series, now a popular TV series and video game. He’s also worked on many other comic projects including 2000AD, Mars Attacks, the X-Files, Judge Dredd and X-Men.

Charlie Adlard picked up the baton from Dave Gibbons, the first Comics Laureate appointed in February 2015.

"The power of comics to encourage learning and develop literacy shouldn’t be underestimated. Comics can connect with people who may never pick up a normal book and really help encourage a love of reading. I see this as a great opportunity to bring the wonder of comics to a wider audience."

- Charlie Adlard, UK Comics Laureate 2017-2019

Guest appearances for Charlie Adlard included an event targeted at school librarians, literacy co-ordinators and those involved in literacy in schools in Birmingham; an event at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and a guest appearance at the Amiens Comic Festival.

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PAST COMICS LAUREATE: Dave Gibbons (2015 – 2017)

Comic artist Dave Gibbons is best known for his artwork on Watchmen as well as numerous creative projects for Marvel, DC Comics and 2000AD. He was the first Comics Laureate, appointed in 2014, the project initially launched with the support of the by the charity Comics Literary Awareness (CLAw).

Read "Life as a Comics Laureate" by Dave Gibbons

You can read an interview with Dave Gibbons about taking up the role of Comics Laureate in The Guardian from 20th October 2014 here

• For information on the Comics Laureate’s upcoming appearances please contact Carole Tait


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You can download below an article by Benoît Peeters, the UK’s Professor of Graphic Fiction and Comic Art at Lancaster University (in association with LICAF).