Holding out for a hero/ heroine!

We're holding out for a hero/ heroine/ anthropomorphic adventurer/ ridiculously brave robot!

The most dramatic, powerful and beautiful area of the UK deserves a hero – or villain – to match its status. But – unbelievably – there are no Lakes-based comic characters! 

(Well, apart from our new mascot, Tizzie-Whizie, of course, designed by Luke McGarry, but we're still waiting for his/her/its comic strip).

So, given the general lack of a comic character to represent the area... can you design a comic character ideally suited to the Lake District, the winning designs part of this year's "Live Draw Finale" at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, hosted by Peter Kessler?

What would they be called? What would their powers be? What would they look like? What would be their greatest obsessions?

Their greatest fears? And what would make them uniquely suited to life in the Lakes?

You can be as funny, as wild, as deadly serious as you like.

Simply follow this link to our Live Draw Final page and fill out the associated form to submit your ideas!

The best eight will be drawn live to your exact specifications by world-renowned comic artists before your very eyes at the festival - Michael Lark (USA), Mollie Ray (UK), Charlie Adlard (UK) and Mike Perkins (UK).

Get your thinking caps on!

Find out more about Tizzie-Whizie here - art by Luke McGarry