Welcome to the Comics Clock Tower


Check out the awesome collection of exhibitors at this year's Lakes International Comic Art Festival! And new for 2018 we are very excited to introduce CCT XTRA with even more fantastic creators... located in the Shakespeare Centre just a few minutes walk from the main Comics Clock Tower at Kendal Town Hall.

Myriad and New Internationalist
Myriad’s acclaimed list of graphic novels span a variety of genres including fiction and non-fiction, memoir, graphic medicine and documentary comics.
Ottilie Hainsworth
Ottilie Hainsworth is an artist and educator living in Brighton, where she runs a course called "Graphic Novels and Real Life Stories".
Page 45
The legendary Page 45 will once again be taking over the Georgian Room with an additional selection of creators, signings, show and tell sessions and much more.
Rachel Jane Findlay Printmaker
Rachel Jane Findlay is a freelance printmaker based in Glasgow, with the majority of her work created in the back room studio of her home.
Rory Dunne
Last summer Rory Dunne completed a two year Masters degree in Animation from Central Saint Martins, London with a Merit.
Russell Mark Olson Comics
Russell Mark Olson is a comic artist and writer living in Portsmouth.
Russell Stearman
Russell Stearman is a Sheffield-based comic author / artist.
Scottish Comics Bothy
In the CCT XTRA there will be a room dedicated to bonnie old Scotland and the bothy of creators, established and new, who have made such an impact on the world of comics.
SelfMadeHero is the UK's leading independent graphic novel publisher.
Silversong Comic
Sam Chapman is the solo creator of Silversong fantasy comic.
Martin 'SIMO' Simpson is a freelance illustrator based in the UK.
Simon Myers
Perhaps best known for his work on the Doctor Who Comic Books by Titan Comics Simon created the “album homage” series of covers and the “watercolour portrait” covers.
Soaring Penguin Press
Soaring Penguin Press is a UK-based graphic novel and comics publisher.
Steve MacManus “Action Man”
Steve MacManus began his career in comics in 1973, working as sub-editor on the boys' weekly comic Valiant. Two years later he transferred to Battle Picture Weekly. At the same time, he became the public face of controversial comic Action in the role of Action Man.
Teeside Comics Society
Teeside Comics Society is a group of young comic creators looking to expand their reach around the UK.
The Cartoonists' Club Of Great Britain
Established on 1st April 1960, The Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain is the UK's largest and oldest cartoonists' organisation.
The Dutch Mountains
The Dutch Mountains are comic artists Jeroen Funke, Tobias Schalken and Marcel Ruijters.
The Etherington Brothers
You won’t find a more energetic and inspiring duo than Lorenzo and Robin, aka The Etherington Brothers.
The Land Lumps
Sula Hancock is an artist/illustrator based in the Lake District.
The World of Miss Mindy
Miss Mindy creates in her home studio in Eagle Rock, CA., with her artist husband Rick O’Brien and their bilingual circus dog ‘Radio'.
This Man, This Pete!
Pete Taylor is the artist and co-creator of ‘Monster Kids’, published in volume 20 of Aces Weekly.
Tom Ward
Tom Ward is a writer from Liverpool.
Tomáš Kučerovský and Toy_Box
This year we are very pleased to welcome two Czech Comic Artists, Tomáš Kučerovský and Toy_Box, to the Comics Clock Tower.
TPub Comics
Run by writer Neil Gibson, TPub Comics is a UK-based independent comics publishing company.
Tut and Groan
Tut and Groan is a badly drawn webcomic that is full of wordplay, puns, opinions, funny conversations and optimistic cynicism and can probably lay claim to being the most accurately named comic in the world.
Artist and writer. Author of Becoming Unbecoming and On Sanity: One Day In Two Lives. Based in Yorkshire, UK.
Unbound is the London-based crowdfunding publisher that started with a simple mission: make publishing work. For everybody.
University of Cumbria Comic Book Collective
The University of Cumbria CBC will be manning a table of illustration, comic book and zine related material from students and tutors.
VANILLA is an anthology title that has been several years in gestation.
Wastwater Chronicles
Marianne Birkby grew up in the Rusland valley in the South Lakes where a keen interest in the natural world was developed.