Robbie Morrison

Scottish comic book writer Robbie Morrison grew up in the villages of Linwood and Houston, but as no one outside of Scotland has heard of them, he usually claims he’s from Glasgow.

In a 24-year career, he has scripted the adventures of iconic characters including Judge Dredd, Batman, Spider-Man and, most recently, Doctor Who.

He is perhaps best known to date for the Eagle award-winning Nikolai Dante saga; serialised in legendary UK sci-fi comic 2000AD from 1997-2012 and now available as Graphic Novels.

He has created many other popular series and characters, including Blackheart, Drowntown, Shakara, Shimura and The Bendatti Vendetta, and has worked with some of the most respected artists in the business, including Dave Gibbons and fellow Scot Frank Quitely.

Robbie is also the writer of the acclaimed World War 1 Graphic Novel White Death, co-created with Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard and recently featured in a French documentary film. Without a Trace, a short follow-up to White Death, will appear in Traces of the Great War, a new anthology of illustrated stories for NOW 14-18 launching at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2018.

Robbie Morrison is one of the true unsung heroes of British comics. He has been royally entertaining readers of 2000AD and Doctor Who for many years. His sure grip of character is matched by his intriguing plots and flawless storytelling.

- John Wagner, Creator, Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Rok of the Reds.

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