Comics, Clouds and Kendal Mint Cake

Comics Up Close

Why is the Lake District such a great place to inspire artists, and to read comics?

In this strand, travel with one of our top guests to a specific spot in the Lakes, and watch them read or discuss a comic there, showing us why they like the place and how the comic relates to it.

It could just be a beautiful place to read, or it could be a spot with special relevance.

Scenery and art have always been inextricably linked. Now it’s time to find out why.

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Messing Around In Boats with Steven Appleby

The creator of Dragman and Captain Star takes us right back to his earliest love: Swallows and Amazons.

Join Steven on an idyllic trip in an antique rowing boat on Windermere.

Bryan Talbot and the Locations of One Bad Rat

The Lake District is Bryan’s favourite place, and he spent his childhood exploring it. Many years later he used some of his most personally significant spots as locations for his harrowing graphic novel about the effects of child abuse, The Tale of One Bad Rat.

Here he revisits those places and explains their relevance.

Stephen Holland dives into Skip

The UK’s most inspirational comics seller, from the amazing Page 45 comics shop, Stephen is a spellbinding speaker and an amazing comics analyst too.

From the peaceful shores of High Dam Tarn near Windermere he delves beneath the surface of Molly Mendoza’s beautiful 2019 graphic novel Skip.

Yomi Ayeni on the Clockwork Watch

One of the UK’s most popular creators and LICAF friend relives some of the magical moments of his live performance project of 2018 in Kendal and retraces the Angel Corp’s steps.

Raymond comes to life

A very special comic was created by Czech artist Vojtěch Mašek whilst in residence for a month in Kendal in 2019.

This specially-commissioned film celebrates the comic and the locations which formed its inspiration with some reflections from Vojtěch along the way.