Exhibition: Coronacartoon of the Year

A Different View

A virtual exhibition of cartoons about the pandemic, taken from newspapers and other sources worldwide.

Coronacartoon Judgement Day is here! And the winners are...

1st place - Coronacorona - Dink

2nd - Coronatiara - Moi Escudero

3rd - Coronaflatcap - Jason Adam Katzenstein

Congratulations to our winners!

Over the last few months The Lakes International Comic Art Festival has collected together cartoons on the theme of Covid-19.

We put these into a virtual exhibition over the weekend of LICAF LIVE in October - and they have now been virtually Crowned (which seems more appropriate than a medal, or trophy) the ultimate Coronacartoon, with virtual runner up prizes for second and third place.

View the fulll LICAF LIVE on Facebook... A Coronacartoon Virtual Exhibition!


Martin Rowson - Load of Cobras Part II - March 2020