Exhibition: Coronacartoon of the Year

A Different View
Daft as a Brush

A virtual exhibition of cartoons about the pandemic, taken from newspapers and other sources worldwide.

As well as looking at the wildly different approaches that cartoonists have taken, you will also be able to vote for your favourite.

At the end of the festival, the winning cartoon will be awarded the Coveted Covid Crown!

Have you seen a Covid-19 cartoon that you would like to nominate?

LICAF Live is seeking to collect together as many cartoons on the theme of Covid-19 as we can, which will be put into a virtual exhibition over the weekend of LICAF LIVE in October and we will be looking to virtually Crown (which seems more appropriate than a medal, or trophy) the ultimate Coronacartoon.

Much has been, is being, and is yet to be, written about the Coronavirus crisis. Each of us is being affected across a wide spectrum of ways, from positivity, through mundanity, to negativity and even, of course, tragedy.

Every day, entire newspapers and news sites are being filled with overwhelming amounts of information, facts, statistics, speculations and opinions about the Coronavirus Pandemic and Covid-19. Yet, at the same time cartoonists are trying to sum up some of these complexities with a picture and maybe a few words.

We are looking for single panel cartoons that reflect aspects of the virus. These could be funny or serious, global or local, political or personal, touching or perhaps even (to some) offensive.

Please feel free to post any cartoons you find here on this thread on the LICAF Facebook Coronarchive Album page or send it to us in a message on the LICAF Facebook page - we will collect them into our Coronarchive Album on the LICAF Facebook page.

Please note the Virtual Corona Crown is for the CARTOON, not the person who sent it in (as we expect multiple entries for some cartoons)!

Although you will of course be able to boast to your friends.

If you do post a cartoon, please try to include the name of the artist and a web site/ Twitter/ Instagram link if you know it.

Here's a couple of examples from our LICAF Facebook Coronarchive Album

Martin Rowson - Load of Cobras Part II - March 2020
Private Eye - March 2020