Exhibition: The Weirdest Comic Book Panels of All Time

A Different View
Daft as a Brush

We’ve been collecting the most bizarre, disturbing, accidentally hilarious and just plain wrong comic panels that have ever appeared in print.

And now they’re yours to enjoy!

During the festival we’ll be treating you to a collection of humorous, infantile, and most definitely not politically correct images that have somehow wormed their way past the editors and made it into print.

Taken out of context, some comic panels are masterpieces of utter vulgarity, unintentional double entendres, casual sexism, outrageous homophobia, or just plain weirdness.

At the end of the festival we’ll be picking the top three weirdest panels of all time.

In the meantime here are just a few to whet your appetite…

Note: the majority of images in this exhibition were gathered from Facebook groups devoted to the topic, and sources were not identified.

We don’t condone what you’re about to see!