Pass the Panel

Showing Off

Sheep Trek: Sheep Space Nine

We challenged 16 artists to create a 16-panel story with the loosest of storylines directed by Luke and Joe McGarry.

Sheep Trek: Sheep Space Nine is a ‘pass the panel’ original comic created by artists from around the world exclusively for LICAF Live!

Pass the Panel reveals the speed, style and sheer imagination of our incredibly talented artists drawn from across the world.

Taking turns, each artist has drawn a page of a new comic story, passing from one to the next until the story is complete.

Many thanks to all the amazing artists (in order of appearance): Luke McGarry, Duncan Fegredo, Steven Appleby, Rick Stromoski, Steve McGarry, Craig Gleason, Johnny Sampson, Tom Richmond, Lucie Lomová, Charlie Adlard, Bill Morrison, Sean Phillips, Michael Lark, Francis Desharnais, Jibé, Alex A

Pass the Panel was edited by Joe McGarry with music by Pop Noir
With special thanks to Thomas-Louis Côté and Richard Foster

Download the full Pass The Panel comic 'Sheep Trek: Sheep Space Nine' PDF below

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