Danish artist Jake Thybo joins Lakes Festival line-up

Danish comic artist Jacob Thybo - creator of Arminius, a graphic novel about a German revolt against the Romans, and a new story, Hemmingway's Cats, released this month, is joining the Lakes International Comic Art Festival line-up this weekend in Kendal, replacing Rune Ryberg, who has unfortunately had to drop out due to illness, and fellow Danish creator Rikke Hollænder.

Jacob is a prolific creator who has created three graphic novels in recent years, who started drawing at an early age, growing up on a diet of, among others, Donald Duck and Tintin.

"In pre-school, the teachers let me practice my drawing in classes, as they realised it kept my 'funny' debaucheries in check," he jokes.

After dropping out of High School, he joined the Finnish Art School, and took up a program that became a huge success, also meeting other comic artists who together received a scholarship for publishing their comics. He then returned to Denmark and spent the following years working with woodcutting and different painting methods, before returning to comics.

Two graphic novels, Arminius, about the Germans' revolt against the Romans, written by Niels Gjern Johansen, and The Mountains Ablaze, written by Toke Odgaard-Jans, are already out and his latest work Hemmingway's Cats, is out this this month.

Jacob has also published two comics about Vikings and retold parts of Danmarks Kronik - Saxo Grammaticus (Saxo Denmark's Chronicle).

Jacob Thybo is online at jath.dk 

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