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This week’s Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast, hosted by Ian Loxam and Nicole Bates, features not one, not two but three separate interviews with comic creators.

First up is Alex Paknadel, on the podcast for the second time, to discuss how life has been since he was last on the show. He discusses his feelings on writing for Marvel, as well as talking about The Immortal Hulk – Time of Monsters, which launched just this week from the US publisher, co-written with Al Ewing and David Vaughan, with art by Juan Ferreyra.

Next comes Stu Taylor, who discusses his current Kickstarter comic project Octobriana With Love: 50th Anniversary Special., which has hit target, but thee’s still time to back itOcotbriana is a 64-page anthology comic featuring art by Marguerite Sauvage, Stephanie Phillips, N. Steven Harris, Andy Belanger, Simon Fraser, Marc Laming and more, centring on the cult underground Russian heroine. Stu gives us the history of the character, talks about his work with Games Workshop and excites us with information on this new 50th anniversary special.

Finally, there’s a chat with Fraser Campbell, who’s currently kickstarting the first collection of indie fan favourite series Alex Automatic. The story follows the super spy adventures of Alex, who has been subjected to a series of illegal experiments to enhance his abilities.

Tom Stewart reviews the latest in the brilliant Dunce series by Jens K Styve, entitled Dunce Good Boy of the Yearcurrently on Kickstarter, plus Ian and Nicole have a gander at the latest guests announced for the Lakes Festival. Tickets go on sale soon.

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