Martin Rowson talks about his comics career in new Festival Podast

The latest episode of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast brings us an all-new interview with Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson, who chats to show hosts Nikki Bates and Ian Loxam about his career, and how he got into political cartooning. 

Oh, and what exactly was in the cocktail, the “Martin Rowson”…

“There’s no introduction to the episode, sadly,” Ian tells us, “as the podcast household has been struck with that virus. We want to wish all our listeners a Happy Christmas and here’s to 2022.”

We wish Ian, Nikki and family all the best and a speedy recovery.

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast has had a bit of a makeover, splitting its episodes between a new “The Interviews” strand, hosted by Ian Loxam and Nikki Bates, and the ongoing Yakapedia shows, looking at an aspect of comic cration or comic history, hosted by Mike Williams and Pete Taylor.

Political cartoonist Martin Rowson‘s work has appeared in a wide variety of newspapers and magazines, including The GuardianThe Independent on Sunday and the Daily Express. He has also had success with poetry books, graphic novels such as The Communist Manifesto, ironically his most successful book ever, and was appointed the Cartoonist Laureate for London in 2001.

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