Mini Comics Festival Fun at Abraham Moss Community School!

On the afternoon of Tuesday 15th March 2022, class 4 Yellow at Abraham Moss Community School hosted their first ever Comic Art Festival. 

A year or so earlier the vast majority of the class had never read a comic, but after plenty of input from Little LICAF, workshops from comic artists Marc Jackson, Rachael Smith, Sayra Begum and Matt Smith, a kindly donated subscription from The Phoenix comic, and support from teachers, the children were ready to share their work.

The previous week they had made four panel comics, based on fruit and vegetable based characters that Marc Jackson had helped them to design. 

Multiple copies of each pupil’s comics were made for the festival, so that they could see their work turned into something that they could share with others.

On the afternoon of the festival a Year 3 class were invited to meet the Class 4 authors, and chat with them while reading and enjoying their comics. In addition to the author tables, a reading zone, using the Little LICAF mobile comic library was set up, where Y4 and Y3 children could read together. A third zone provided practical activities for Y4 pupils to show the younger class some of the skills and knowledge that they had acquired over the past year - including caricature creation, use of speech and thought bubbles, comics to finish and character drawing.

The reaction from the Year 3 children was extremely positive, with children laughing out loud at our pupils comics, and some great explanations of their work from the creators.

Year 4 had a fantastic time, and very much enjoyed sharing their comics, and their new found comic knowledge and skills!

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