The Tizzie-Whizie - A Lovable Lakes Legend

There is a most fascinating folklore tale around Windermere that, alongside being the Lake District's largest lake, it is also home to the tiny, elusive and utterly adorable Tizzie-Whizie!

Lake District legend has it that if you have your ear to the ground and listen very intently, you may just hear a subtle squeaking.

This melodious murmuring has been considered by some to be a thing of myth… but it could very well be the gentle reverberating sound of the elusive Tizzie-Whizie.

If you hear it… be sure to look up quickly and keep your eyes peeled – you might just get a rare glimpse of this adorable mythical marvel!

With delicate dragonfly wings, a spiky hedgehog body, buzzy bee antennae and a supremely fluffy squirrelesque tail, this marvellously mysterious creature is said to reside along the shores of Windermere.

The shy, water-loving, Tizzie-Whizie is also said to be rather fond of ginger biscuits!

A Tizzie-Whizie has distinctive dragonfly wings, hedgehog body, bee antennae and a supersonically fluffy squirrel-like tail!

The first known Tizzie-Whizie siting is said to be in 1900 by a Bowness boatman. There is also an extremely rare photograph of a Tizzie-Whizie dating to 1906.

So whilst wandering around Bowness-on-Windermere - be on the look out for the tiny Tizzie-Whizie!

This might be a subtle plischy plip plop on the lake… Tizzie-Whizies are exceptionally good underwater swimmers and can occasionally be spotted leaping above the surface.

Or if you see, or perhaps even feel, a small majestic insect-like entity whooshing past you as you gaze out over Windermere, this could be a close encounter with a Tizzie-Whizie who can fly at bullet speed!

Tizzie-Whizies are the mysterious, mini, mythical superheroes of Bowness-on-Windermere!

Be sure to let us know if you spot one and remember to draw a picture too!

Photo of the Tizzie-Whizie taken in 1906

It’s believed that it was a Bowness boatman who spotted this Tizzie-Whizie over lake Windermere and lured the adorable (and peckish) sprite to Louis Herbert's Photographic Studio, opposite St Martin's Church, with ginger biscuits.

After politely posing for the portrait the Tizzie-Whizie flew out of the window to regain its freedom, whizzing back to Windermere.

Thousands of postcards were printed from this legendary photograph and sold by the Bowness boatman on his Windermere tours.

Some are still disbelieving and think this may all be some fabulous fantasy, but there have been Tizzie-Whizie sitings reported even to this day!