Babe by Arreah Bihary

Too disobedient for Heaven and too moral for Hell, the creature known only as Babe is stuck in the mortal plane with a decision to make, be a hero to humanity and reclaim his original place among the stars, or accept tempting offers and take his recently former position of power in Hell, abandoning the mortals that so desperately need him.

Heaven tasks him with the protection of the next prophet and the forces of Hell seek their destruction.

The problem is, he doesn’t want the jobs given to him, and he doesn’t want to decide. This makes both sides very angry, and has them sending their forces against humankind to nudge him towards a decision.

Babe is a powerful half demonic half angelic creature. His appearance is thanks to his time spent in Hell, but walking among man his angelic qualities mask them and has the weak-minded folks falling for him thinking he’s the most handsome guy ever, thus his name Babe.

Only a select few mortals and non-mortal creatures can see him as he is (which is how he is seen in the image below).

The pendant on his necklace harnesses his full power and covers his true form which he unleashes in only the most dire situations.

He has an indecisive and nonchalant nature, not particularly a hard ass or a Samaritan and really enjoys irony and sarcasm, doesn’t care if he’s the victim of it. Regardless, he generally has an upbeat attitude.

Arreah Bihary Online

Instagram: @arreah

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The Lakes International Comic Art Festival competition for 2019 is a tribute to Mike Mignola’s Hellboy. Students are challenged to create their own new character who despite emerging from the hellish heat and fury of the underworld is, like Hellboy, a cool force for good.

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