CrowGirl by Gemma Rickers

Hatched from a mysterious abandoned egg CrowGirl appears to be some kind of half-breed, taken in and raised by the Nattmara.

CrowGirl Stats

Height: 5’6” / 167cm
Weight: 120lbs / 54kg
Age: 300+
Physical Appearance Age: 30
Birthday: 3rd April
Eye Colour: Yellow
Hair Colour: Crow black
Style: Goth meets Lara Croft
Accessories: Red leather gloves, black choker, thigh holsters, red-lens goggles
Strengths: Speed, eyesight, aim
Weaknesses: Endurance, strength


Somewhere in Hell, CrowGirl hatched from a mysterious egg that had been abandoned. She appeared to be some kind of half-breed and was taken in and raised by the Nattmara.

The Nattmara feed off fear and gather in places where terrible events are about to occur. Under their guidance, CrowGirl began her life as an omen of death.

As she grew older, CrowGirl didn’t feel like she belonged with the Nattmara, but she felt indebted to them for taking her in and was scared to defy them as they were much more powerful than she was.

One night, CrowGirl came with the Nattmara to a doomed human village to feed. Demons had been summoned to destroy the village and soon were wreaking havoc. CrowGirl was looking for a victim when she found a terrified human child who had been abandoned by her parents as they fled. Feeling a deep sympathy, instead of feeding on the child’s fear, she turned on the attacking demons and fought them off. Angered, the Nattmara banished her to the human world.

With her ties cut from Hell, her Nattmara form became weakened and she lost many of her feathers, looking somewhat more human. She sought out a witch who removed her now useless wings and replaced them with enchanted rune marks that allow her to absorb energy from the night.

She now uses her skills to protect the human realm, dispatching evil spirits and demons wherever they arise.


CrowGirl wields twin revolvers named “Murder” (right hand) and “Covet” (left hand). They are Colt Python revolvers with a 6” barrel. Her ammo is her own custom-made silver-tipped bullets. Strangely, it seems that whilst these guns deliver devastating amounts of damage to demons, they impart little to no damage on humans.


♦ Excellent eyesight with amazing aim even from long distances
♦ Speed and agility far greater than a human
♦ Can fly (for limited periods)
♦ Omen: Her “Omen” ability that she learnt from the Nattmara allows her to sense terrible events before they happen
♦ Can speak to corvids… but can’t speak to humans


Her rune tattoos on her shoulder blades absorb energy from the night. At will, she can summon great wings made from this energy. They don’t last very long before needing to recharge but can be used to up to an hour at night.

Gemma Rickers Online

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