Ignis Myth Hunter by Lea Courtney

Ignis wields the Wraps of Osiris, ancient artefacts that prevent him from dying and can be used to heal any wound. When combined with his own abilities - to guide himself like a magnet to treasure and magical beings, an ability to speak to animals and his caution to the wind personality - he has created a career for himself as the world’s first Myth Hunter and he makes a killing from it.


Ignis is a young demon/human hybrid who was born from an Egyptian mother. He is a slender man, with the appearance of a mid-20-year-old and stands roughly 6 and a half feet tall. He has a carefree personality but will move the earth to help anyone that needs his help.


He has the ability to speak to animals and lead himself to treasure or any magical enchantments and creatures, he shares these abilities with his father Barbatos who is a Duke of Hell.

He also has powers he gained from "Osiris' wraps" which include incredibly sped up healing, near appendage-like manipulation of his bandages and the inability for any part of his body to die while connected to the bandages. Using these abilities he is able to launch parts of his body off as projectiles or grappling hooks to reach far off places and then reattach the parts with the bandages.


When Ignis was still "young" in the underworld his father managed to anger Leviathan, who decided to eradicate Barbatos' offspring from Hell. Ignis was the last son of Barbatos and stood no match against Leviathan. He was ripped apart and left to die.

While this was happening in Hell, on Earth a group of explorers managed to break into Osiris' tomb and unearthed his sarcophagus. Inside they found his wraps and an incantation which they read aloud. The ancient spell ripped Ignis from Hell just before he took his final breath and sent him into the sarcophagus, where the healing powers of the bandages kept him alive.

Terrified, the explorers fled the tomb apart from one, who saw the teenage demon in front of him was in pain and had to help. He wrapped the boy up in the bandages and dumped him at the nearest hospital. Moments later Ignis had already recovered and his body was miraculously being held together by Osiris' wraps.

He awoke with overwhelming gratitude for the human race and decided he would try to help them however he could. Years pass and he is now a renowned myth hunter. He takes jobs to solve mysteries around the world, using his unique mix of abilities to discover mythical creatures, find legendary treasure and discover magical places. He often works with the government but loves working on personal jobs for people, in a hope it'll improve or save their lives like his life was saved.

Ignis' story starts when a farmer finds half his house has been replaced by a gigantic labyrinth overnight and he keeps hearing noises and seeing strange creatures in his dreams. Ignis agrees to investigate the matter and must beat a Minotaur on his journey to uncover why the farmer’s dreams are being haunted.

Ignis will take any job that involves treasure, mystery or mythical beasts. However he hates taking jobs that involve serpents, especially any that are in the sea, he finds the sea an incredibly scary place. His fear of serpents is probably derived from his traumatic experience with Leviathan.

He also has no regard for his own safety, he does feel pain but can't die due to Osiris' wraps so he has a real tendency to throw caution to the wind and throw his body in the way of many things others wouldn't dream of.

However, he doesn't know what would happen if he were to be removed from Osiris' wraps and honestly, he doesn't want to find out.

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