Mallory by Anne Farron

Mallory is a young adult who works in a small informal business as a psychic investigator.

She has an ability to summon Eldritch like tentacles from her body. This causes a massive strain on her however and causes her body to degrade and break down, already having resulted in a lost arm and reducing her life span. She uses these powers in dire need.

She also has a mild psychic gift to telekinetically move small objects.

Mallory was born into a cult worshiping the Ogdru Jahad. Her mother was a scientist fascinated by unearthly beings and tried to experiment on her fellow cultists to create superhuman abilities to mimic the Ogdru Jahad.

All of them met with a terrible fate, so her mother moved onto experimenting on her young daughter who miraculously survived. Her father, not wishing to see his daughter suffer, escaped the cult with Mallory. She grew up a sickly child from the results of the experimentation, however still managed to live a blissfully ignorant life to the horrors she had come from.

Mallory learnt that her father had died at the hands of her mother when she came looking for them. She became a psychic investigator to avenge her father’s death and to hunt down her mother to stop her from harming any more people.

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