Razer the Wolf Knight by Matteo Cancellara

Razer is a mysterious wandering knight who travels across the land, hunting down any demons that threaten the balance of light and dark.

No one really knows for sure where Razer came from, but rumour has it that he’s a fallen angel that sought refuge with Elves deep in a forest, justifying his fondness of Mithril armour and the Stag-like horns on his helmet.

Due to this theory, humans wonder if his on-man crusade against the forces of hell are an atonement for what he may have done in the Heavens and that one day, he may be welcomed back.

When asked about his origins, he’ll often answer by saying “I am but a humble traveller, you need not be concerned with me human”.

Razer’s slaying of demons has garnered a reputation amongst other hunters, being described as a ‘Lone Wolf’ and most commonly a ‘Wolf Knight’, as he hunts down demons like they’re his prey, prowls mostly at night and can even communicate with wolves.

His gauntlets and sword even bear the old symbol of a wolf.

Despite his mysterious nature, Razer has proven himself to be a warrior of the light, making himself the only thing standing between Earth and the rising of Hell.

Character Design Notes

• The Helmet was inspired by the character Boba Fett from Star Wars, and the spikes are a mix of wolf ears and stag horns.
• The swords represent the balance of both light (right hand) and dark (left arm).
• The Wolf Symbol on his gauntlet and right-handed sword are a mesh of letters from Viking Runes, each letter (spells wolf in translation) was combined to create the symbol (See figure1).
• I took inspiration from both the Medieval (armour) and Victorian era (coat).

Matteo Cancellara Online

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