LICAF Live: A Different View

LICAF Live is very excited to be presenting a number of online exhibitions, including artworks, films and curator insights from international artists.

Exhibition: The Art of Toy_Box

A virtual retrospective exhibition of the work of Toy_Box, one of Europe's most innovative and challenging comic artists, ranging across comics, paintings, installation and protest art.

Exhibition: Nomadic Pages - The Art of Igort

A virtual exhibition exploring some of Igort's most innovative and visually exciting work.

Exhibition: The Weirdest Comic Book Panels of All Time

We’ve been collecting the most bizarre, disturbing, accidentally hilarious and just plain wrong comic panels that have ever appeared in print.

And now they’re yours to enjoy!

Exhibition: Coronacartoon of the Year

A virtual exhibition of cartoons about the pandemic, taken from newspapers and other sources worldwide.

As well as looking at the wildly different approaches that cartoonists have taken, you will also be able to vote for your favourite.