LICAF Live: Comics Up Close

A unique opportunity for comic art fans to get up close and personal with some of our best loved and admired comic artists.

Thinking Comics

Our Thinking Comics programme promises a host of lively presentations by some of comics' leading thinkers.

Deep dive into new perspectives!

Through the Comic Keyhole

Celebrity comic collectors take us into their homes and show us their prized possessions.

We’ve peered behind the net curtains that conceal some of the most amazing collections of comics in the world.

Desert Island Comics

Five comics, one luxury item, and your favourite crisps – what would you take to a desert island?

It’s our own version of the Radio 4 classic.

Comics, Clouds and Kendal Mint Cake

Why is the Lake District such a great place to inspire artists, and to read comics?

Travel with some of our top guests to a specific spot in the Lakes, and watch them read or discuss a comic there, showing us why they like the place and how the comic relates to it.

SelfMadeHero Presents…

...a book launch supported by the Czech Literary Centre (Zátopek), a conversation (The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists) and a sketch (When I Came Out).

Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition Winner

The winner was announced during LICAF Live 2020!

Topical and contemporary issues dominate the shortlist for the competition and show that the graphic novel is very much alive and kicking in Lockdown 2020.