LICAF Live: Showing Off

Be amazed, be dazzled, be enthralled, this strand has some incredible comic talent doing what they do best, creating stunning artwork and showing off their process.

International Collaborations

Special events featuring top creators from France, Quebec and Denmark.

In association with Lyon BD, Quebec BD festivals and Artbubble, Denmark.

Live Cartoon Challenge

… with Luke McGarry!

Live from Los Angeles and featuring special cartoonist guests, no challenge is too great for this award-winning, go-to designer and cartoonist.

Pass the Panel

We challenge 16 artists to create a 16-panel story with the loosest of storylines.

Pass the Panel reveals the speed, style and sheer imagination of our incredibly talented artists drawn from across the world.

Drawing on Japan

Celebrating some of our best live draws from LICAF 2013-2019...

Junko Mizuno (USA/Japan), Ken Niimura (Japan), Emma Vieceli (UK) and Petteri Tikannen (Finland) draw on their inspirations from Japan to create an original piece of art for LICAF Live.